Adoption Resources

Adoption Resources for Parents and Professionals We are committed to adoption education for parents and professionals about current issues in adoption. We provide:

» Educational Conferences or In-Service Training for adoption social workers and hospital staff. Contact us for more information and to schedule a presentation.

» Adoption Education Seminars for all families. Our courses include:

Adoption 101: Adoption Overview
Adoption 201: Adoptive Parent Expectations & Adopted Child Needs
Adoption 301: Medical & Psychological Risks in Adoption
Adoption 401: Legal & Cross-Cultural Issues in Adoption
Adoption 501: Older Child Adoption

We recommend the following Pre-Adoption Resources

Our Chosen Child provides professional services for creating an adoptive parent profile, which is needed for domestic adoption and helpful with international dossiers.

Resources 4 Adoption is an online resource for adoptive families seeking comprehensive and up-to-date infromation on adoption grants and loans and how to qualify fo rthem with lots of additional tips tro assist families in removing the financial barriers associated with adoption.

Adoption Learning Partners offers web-based e-learning courses on adoption topics that satisfy pre-adoption training requirements and serve as a continuing resource to families after adoption. Courses are offered free of charge. Certificates of Completion are available for a $25 fee. The ICF agency code, for ICF families, so that the agency receives copies of your certificates of completion, is F262ICF. A few of the course offerings are:
Conspicuous Families: Race, Culture and Adoption (1.5 credit hours)
The Journey of Attachment (2 hours)
Let’s Talk Adoption: A Lifetime of Family Conversations (2 hours)
Finding the Missing Pieces: Helping Adopted Children Cope with Grief and Loss (2 hours)
Understanding the Adoption Tax Credit (2 hours)
With Eyes Wide Open: A Preparation Guide to International Adoption (10-20 hours)
» Visit Adoption Learning Partners

Because They Waited: an Adoptive Parent Education System available for $119 from Heart of the Matter Seminars. This is an interactive DVD presentation that fulfills Hague education requirements
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Adoption Education, LLC offers on-line courses designed to promote successful intercountry and domestic adoptions.
» Visit Adoption Education, LLC website

Adoption Literature and Recommended Reading

» Adoption Resource Book by Lois Gilman. A guide to what you need to know to create an adoptive family.

» Raising Adopted Children by Lois Melina. Looks at the special circumstances of adoptive parenting including adjustment of the family, bonding & attachment, talking to your child about adoption and behavior problems.

» Making Sense of Adoption by Lois Melina. Help for parents on how to talk with their children about adoption.

» Adoptive Families of America Magazine a bi-monthly magazine. To subscribe, call 1-800-372-3300

» Adopting: Sound Choices, Strong Families by Patricia Irwin Johnston. Geared to a broad audience of all who are family challenged.

International Adoption Books and Recommended Reading

» Are These Kids Yours? by Cheri Register. Affirms the normality of families formed through inter-country adoption & explores the special challenges these families face. Ethical issues are also addressed.

» With Eyes Wide Open Workbook for families adopting children over age one.

» Our Own, Adopting and Parenting the Older Child by Trish Maskew.

» Toddler Adoption: The Weaver’s Craft by Mary Hopkins Best. All aspects of adopting and parenting toddler children.

Older Child and Special Needs Adoptions

» Adopting the Older Child by Claudia Jewett. Introduces people to the adoption of older children, follows the history of several children & their adoptive families, starting before the adoption & continuing through to the post-placement period.

» Holding Time by Martha Welch. Central message is that regular sessions of mother-child holding decreases anger, conflict, temper tantrums, & sibling rivalry & increases self-esteem, self-confidence, & contentment in infants through preteens.

» Adopting the Hurt Child: Hope for Families with Special Needs Kids by Gregory Keck & Regina Kupecky. Case studies on toll of impermanence on children and common symptoms of attachment disorder.

» Helping Children Cope with Separation and Loss by Claudia Jewett. Explains the grieving process children go through, whether from adoption, separation from family or foster family, death or divorce. Practical advice.

» Attaching in Adoption by Deborah Gray. Explains issues in relation to emotional development and provides practical tools to enhance attachment.