Getting Started & Adoptive Parent Profile Tips

baby after bathLet’s talk!  If you have questions about your suitability for adoption, such as your age, length of marriage, medical or other background concerns,  give us a call.  Our application process is free!

We also have orientation and adoption seminars occasionally in Phoenix and Tucson for families in the adoption process.

For families who live away from Tucson or Phoenix, we can arrange for a conference call with our program staff.

Birthmothers & Birthfathers

Please contact us and we will answer your questions and arrange a meeting with a counselor to discuss your desires and review the forms. If you are in the hospital, we will send a counselor to meet with you.

For Adoptive Parents: Preparing your Adoptive Parent Profile

We recommend the course on developing your profile at Adoption Learning Partners.  It is an online course, so you can take it at your convenience.  Your adoption profile is the bridge to a match; it is a very important part of the adoption.  Your profile should be about 50% words and 50% photos.  The mood of the profile should be upbeat and cheerful. Here are some tips…

Put yourself in the shoes of the birthmother and imagine what she wants for her child

Write in short paragraphs — nothing long or essay-like — and keep the tone upbeat

Use large-ish photos — 4 x 6 or 5 x 8; don’t try to crowd a lot of little photos on to a page

Use images that convey a warm, homey feeling about your lifesytle — photos of baking, gardening, etc.

Avoid any staged photos or glamorous wedding photos, etc; the birthparents want to know you as you really are, every day

Be sure to include photos of being involved in activities, such as biking or hiking or fishing, raking the yard, boating or camping

Be sure to include photos of pets

Include photos of your house during the holidays or family parties, when it is looking pretty and inviting

Use plenty of bright color or patterns in the background

Keep it to 5-8 pages, max — stapled is fine; it does not need to be bound like a book

Send us 5 copies, minimum.

If you would like professional services to create your profile, we recommend Our Chosen Child at

Let us know any questions!  We are happy to share information.  Call 520 531-9931

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