ABC Infant Adoption Info & Fees

Ìàøóëå 1 ìåñÿöWelcome Adoptive Parents!  See the ABC Adoption Guide, Application, Agreement & Fees below. We’d love to help you adopt!  

Our goal is to bring together informed birthparents and adoptive parents.  For potential matching, please download the documents below.  Review carefully.  Send your signed application and agreement by mail, along with your home study, 3-4 copies of your parent profile and registration fee $1500, to ICF, 11449 N. Mandarin Lane, Tucson AZ 85737.

ICF-ABC Agency Application

2018 1 ICF-ABC Domestic Adoption Guide

2018 2 Agmt ICF-ABC Adoption Agmt

2018 3 ICF-ABC Fee Schedule

Call 520 531-9931 with any questions!  We are happy to share more info about the adoption process, legal and ethical responsibilities, potential fees and expenses, medical, emotional and financial risks, pre-adoption education resources, post-adoption services and obligations, and about adoption finalization.

“Our adoptiABC Adoption Infoon experience with ABC Infant Adoption/International Child Foundation was filled with excitement, many emotions (as can be expected), fun and very rewarding.  From the very start, conversations with Jackie, then Kala and Audrey was AMAZING!  …They have been very responsive, a wealth of knowledge, engaging and true professionals in every aspect.  We couldn’t have picked a better group to orchestrate our adoption journey.”  S & E, Tucson AZ

The risks of adoption are real. Not every adoption plan comes to fruition; occasionally birthmothers or fathers change their minds, despite earlier intentions.  We make a concerted effort to communicate with birth and adoptive parents with candor throughout the process.  Most adoptions involve many months.  Fees for adoption services for adoptive families or estimates for adjunct or third-party expenses are subject to change.  Please review the agency adoption services agreement and consider the emotional and financial risks of adoption carefully.

Overview & Steps in the Process

International Child Foundation began the ABC Infant Adoption LLC domestic program in 2008 in response to calls from birthmothers and adoptive families.  Since 2009 the program has grown dramatically, from one infant placed with a family in 2009 to twelve in 2012.  We attribute this to the need for locally-based and caring supportive services for birthmothers, as many of our new birthmothers are referred by women we have helped in the past.

The program involves four steps: the pre-matching application phase, whereupon the agency and families choose to work together on an adoption plan; the matching phase when family profiles are presented to birthmothers; the placement phase, when the family arrives for delivery and to take the baby home (presuming the birthmother or father do not change their minds about placement prior) and the finalization phase, when the family adjusts to having their new infant in their home, meets with their social worker and finalizes the adoption.

ABC Infant Adoption serves birthmothers and fathers free throughout Arizona and adoptive parents across the U.S.  We support semi-open, open and closed adoptions… it’s your choice.  

Children and Birthparents involved in Adoption

Typically children placed in this program are newborn, although we have placed children over six months old, as well.  Birthmothers come from various circumstances, are most often between employment, sometimes living alone or with the birthfather or with relatives, not uncommonly with a history of drug use or traumatic life events.  Sometimes birthmothers are living in hotels or shelters and have other children or are living with husbands or boyfriends and have other children.

Family Eligibility to Adopt

An adopting family should be married for at least one year and have given adoption much thought and discussion, as well as at least ten hours of adoption education.  ABC is non-sectarian and non-discriminatory.  We welcome couples and single parents of every faith.

Timeframe and Considerations that affect Matching

Adoption time frames vary, mostly due to constraints an adoptive family may put on potential matches with birthmothers.  Constraints may include a child’s sex, race, birthmother mental health issues, drug or alcohol abuse issues, a birthmother or father preference for open or closed adoption, stage of pregnancy, anticipated living or legal expenses, general risks or risks associated with absent or unknown birthfathers, or potential ICPC or ICWA or other legal issues.  ICPC refers to the Interstate Compact governing placement of a child born in one state in another state.  ICWA refers to the Indian Child Welfare Act, which is interpreted differently state to state.  An average timeframe is about six months.

Birthmothers & fathers face difficult questions…

It is our job to explain the process and discuss potential options and outcomes for an adoption plan.  Counselors explore birthparent concerns about how adoption works, what kinds of adoption are possible – open, closed or semi-open adoption – and what sort of assistance is available under Arizona law.  We believe that providing complete information helps everyone feel more comfortable with the process.

For Birthparents, all services are free.  We provide emotional support, respect for your preferences, information, financial assistance with living expenses; medical and life planning resources and after-delivery counseling and support.