Waiting Family Profiles

Waiting Family ProfilesSome of our waiting-to-adopt families…

We many adoptive family profiles available.  Call us!  We like to offer a choice of families, so that birthparents feel confident and happy about their decision.  They know the family they choose is the perfect family for their baby!

Tucson adoption 520 531-9931 ~ Phoenix adoption 480 528-8251

The majority of our families are married couples, and of course we have some waiting-to-adopt single mothers, too.   Many family prefer to have profiles presented directly to birthmothers rather than on-line.  Don’t hesitate to call for more information about our waiting families.

Meet Kendra & Peter

As a licensed Arizona adoption agency, many of our families are from AZ.  About half of them, in fact.  Our other domestic adoption families come from all over the United States… Colorado, California, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Texas, Pennsylvania and N. Carolina.  Many of our adoptive families prefer not to have their information and photos on the internet.  Please give us a call if you are in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy and are considering adoption.  Our birthmother counselors are friendly, helpful and not judgmental!   They are happy to explain how adoption works, the steps in the process and the services we provide.  You can call us 24/7 at 520 531-9931.

We have lots of local resources for birthmothers after an adoption, too… counseling, support groups, connecting with educational opportunities and job preparation.  We like to help our birthmoms to get off to a good start on the next chapter of their lives.  If you are job hunting, we may be able to provide a free makeover — a fresh hair style, make-up and work clothes.  Let us know how we can help!

Be assured, we prepare our domestic adoption families well for their adoptions.  We want them to be ready to provide a very happy and loving home for baby!  We provide lots of resources for adoptive families and they all have at least ten hours of pre-adoption education.  Some of the resources and adoption topics we discuss with families are below.

Welcome Home… Bonding with Baby after Adoption

A resource for adoptive families about talking with their children about adoption…

Positive Adoption Conversations