AZ Home Studies

AZ Home Studies

International Child Foundation and ABC Infant Adoption provide home studies for domestic and international adoption.  As a Hague Convention accredited agency, we can provide home studies for families adopting from any country.

A home study is about you – your feelings about adoption, your personal history, your expectations and your philosophy of parenting. It’s also about adoption preparation.  We visit with you a minimum of two times; some countries require additional visits. Each family member will have a private conversation with the social worker and time to raise questions. The home study process is a great opportunity to explore your ideas and learn more about adoption.

The application process is free.  Call for a consultation!  Home studies for domestic adoption are $1400. The fee for an international home study is $1700.  Countries that have extra document requirements or additional visits may present extra costs.  Please check with us.  Ask questions.  We will gladly send the Home Study Agreement.  It outlines all fees and costs.

For the state of Arizona, your home study must:

  • Meet all state requirements and be certified by the court
  • Be amended if there are significant changes in residence, marital status, criminal history, finances, health, or the number of dependents
  • Discuss the potential for delays and changes in the adoption process and costs
  • Discuss risks associated with adopting children with limited or unverifiable medical, psycho-social and developmental histories, or with drug or alcohol exposure or poor pre-natal care
  • Recommend the age, number and sex of children appropriate for the family

For International Adoptions

The home study must meet US CIS requirements, including

  • Be no more than six months old upon submission to US CIS; if so, the home study needs to be updated
  • The home study must recommend a specific country that the family plans to adopt from, which correlates with their US CIS application

For detailed information on international adoption and the Hague Convention,
please visit the US Dept of State at

Post Adoption & Post Placement Reports

Post placement visits are required after an infant or child is placed in your home. The number of reports varies with the state or country of origin of the child; however, the agency requires a minimum of three post placement visits.  These visits with the social worker mark milestones in your child development and give you helpful feedback and ideas.  They also help to provide reassurance to new parents who have concerns about their child’s development.

It is extremely important to contact us when concerns arise.  Children who present post-institutional behaviors, or children who experienced drug or alcohol exposure in utero often exhibit puzzling behaviors, and can raise parental anxiety.  Whatever your concern, please contact us.  We are here to help!