What Makes Our Adoption Program Different?


An AZ Adoption Agency you can trust ~ Experienced, Reliable, Complete Adoption Services What Makes Our Adoption Program Different?

Open, Semi-Open or Closed Adoption are options for both Birthparents & Adoptive Parents

Birthmothers and birthfathers like us because we treat them with respect. We are not judgmental, nor do we push an agenda. We provide support, help them with doctor visits, help them with matching. Or, if they decide not to place their child, we help them find resources that will enable them to be the best parent possible. We encourage them to pursue education and connect them with local resources.

Adoptive Families come to us knowing that we will be appreciative of their decision to adopt. There are many kinds of families in the world. Adoption creates families that embrace courage and choice and commitment. We accept adoptive families, whether married or single, without discrimination, because we believe that your child will find you.  Our families also appreciate that birthmother expenses are included in the adoption fees, rather than variable, except in unusual circumstances.

The Medical Community & Hospitals trust us to be ready to help when called. We respect the policies of each hospital and endeavor to work harmoniously with the medical and social work staff. We are there whenever needed.

We believe our destiny as humans rests on our ability to love each other as brothers and sisters. Adoption creates families from across the US and many parts of the globe, mixing heritage and culture, bringing the world together. Adoption expands our identities and widens our horizons.


We are more than an agency… we are an adoption resource for all families.