About ABC Infant Adoption

About ABC Infant Adoption: Toddler on grass playing with toy phone Welcome to the world of adoption! Our philosophy is that every child deserves a loving family. We have helped many families become parents through adoption… helped them learn about the process and prepare to bring a new child into their home.

We’ve built our reputation on being honest and supportive. Families who have used International Child Foundation for international adoption or the ABC Infant Adoption program, or for home studies or as an adoption resource, have found that our staff goes “the extra mile” to ensure that all prospective parents understand the adoption process and risks.

Birthparents come to us with the assurance that our services to them will be FREE and non-judgmental. We are compassionate, experienced and have no religious affiliation. We respect birthmothers and birthfathers for the courage they have shown by asking for help. We listen to and supports birthmothers.

We have birthparent counselors assisting with pregnancy options or adoption planning in Phoenix, Tucson, Kingman, Yuma and rural areas of Arizona.

Our Commitments

Honesty, compassion, straightforward information, a listening ear, empathy, expertise and integrity. Many of us are adoptive parents, ourselves. We sincerely want to help children find forever families, help birthparents make choices that feel right to them, and help adoptive parents navigate adoption and be as prepared as possible.

Privacy Policy

International Child Foundation & ABC Infant Adoption does not release information about clients or donors to any entity or person without express written permission. Our records are private and confidential and may only be accessed by our staff or by state licensing or COA accreditation evaluators.

Regarding third-party vendors

If you choose to order third-party products or services recommended by us you are not protected by our privacy policy. As a purchaser of a product from a third-party vendor or private company, your privacy is subject to their policies and may or may not be protected.

For example, if you donate to Partners in Health or Heifer International or Project CURE, or order books through the Amazon link, or purchase adoption education from Adoption Learning Partners or other online sources, or attend seminars sponsored by other agencies or organizations, you are subject to their privacy policies or lack thereof and we have no control over how your information may be utilized.

For more information about other agency policies, please contact us.

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