AZ Home Study Services — no extra fees to expedite

AZ Home Study Services

2/15/14 Note: There are no extra fees to expedite a home study at ICF.

International Child Foundation provides home studies for Arizona families who wish to adopt internationally, from both Hague Convention and non-Hague countries, and for families seeking domestic adoptions.  We also provide reports for families seeking step-parent adoption or for custody, and social studies for adoption finalization.

Our skilled, compassionate social workers provide home study services in Phoenix and Tucson and throughout Arizona.

The home study is about you – your feelings about adoption, your personal history, your expectations and your philosophy of parenting. We visit with you a minimum of two times. Each family member will have a private conversation with the social worker and a chance to raise questions. The home study process is a great opportunity to explore your feelings and expectations.

Our home studies are affordable! Our social workers are experienced with both domestic and international adoption and can provide a wealth of resources.  There is an agency application fee, which you pay only once, whether you are starting a home study, domestic adoption or international adoption or several services. It is $300.