Adoption Education Seminar!



Draw your family tree.

Who’s your real mom?

They gave you away?




What your child hears in school, often leaves them saying:

I don’t want to go!


I won’t do my homework!


No one understands.


Join Judy Stigger, LCSW, Adoption Therapist and adoptive mom, and Carmen Knight, teacher and adopted person, as they share professional advice and personal experiences to help your child thrive at school!

  • Understand what adoption questions and concerns kids have at different ages
  • Learn how to respond when school projects bring up adoption related  feelings and concerns
  • Learn strategies to help your child manage questions from other kids
  • How-to’s on educating teachers and staff



The Scoop on Nutrition and The Adopted Child

Tuesday, November 5, 7:00 PM CT
Scoop On Nutrition Webinar  

Internationally adopted children often suffer physical, cognitive, and behavioral challenges due to poor nutrition in their early years. Once a child comes home, adoptive parents often struggle to make up for nutritional deficiencies.


Join Dr. Dana Johnson, renowned international adoption physician, as he helps parents understand the impact of poor nutrition and how to help children catch up.

  • Understand what deficiencies your child may have and why
  • Recognize the impact malnutrition has on a child and what warning signs to look for
  • Learn strategies and tips to help your child catch up and thrive



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