Agencies approved to work in Haiti

IBESR sent out the following message:

The General Manager of IBESR is pleased to inform the managers of adoption agencies below, who expressed the desire to operate on Haïti as adoption facilitator, that their request has been aproved accordingly to the adoption law of Haiti and the internal rules of IBESR. Consequently, managers of these adoption agencies are required to indicate to us the name of the person responsible for the adoption agency or of his legal representative, in order to prepare the agreement certificate. the general manager takes this opportunity to specify that agreement certificates can be received by the relevant persons or their representatives from 24th of January 2013. A quota per adoption agency and per country will be applied. La Direction Générale
1. A Love Beyond Borders 2. Children House International 3. Carolina Adoption Services 4. European Adoption Services Consultant Inc. (EAC) 5. Bethany Christian Services Global, LLC 6. All Blessings International/ Kentucky Adoption Services 7. Wasatch Adoption 8. All God’s Children International (AGCI) 9. Holt International Children’s Services, Inc. 10. Love Basket 11. Dillon International, Inc. 12. Adoption-Link 13. Building Arizona Services 14. Lifeline Children Services 15. Sunny Ridge Family Center 16. Chinese Children Adoption International (CCAI) 17. Nightlight Christian Adoptions 18. America World Adoption Association 19. MLJ Adoptions Inc.