Africana Child Foundation

We have a great connection with a program in Ghana that provides food and helps children find shelter in Ghana.  They are not adoption-oriented but — they do have a volunteer program for people who would like to travel and help with the shelter and clinic.  Percy Quaicoe is the director and you can read about the program at

Here are the children who need sponsors!  Sponsorships are $50 per month, for a year at a minimum, and we need your help!   You will get cards and photos about your child.   If you wish to send the full year in one payment or monthly, either is fine.  We have opened an account at Barclays bank so that we can transfer sponsorship funds directly to Ghana.  If you plan to make monthly payments, please set that up through our Paypal account and it will debit your account automatically.  If you plan to make one annual payment, please send a check directly to ICF, 11449 N Mandarin Lane, Tucson AZ 85737 and note Ghana and the child’s name in the memo line.  Thank you!

PS You can click on the International Child Foundation Paypal account here at

Comfort -- age 6 yrs and isn't she a cutie?! Let's help her stay in school!







Hannah -- age 6 yrs, bright cheerful child, lives with mom, dad deceased, 4 siblings, in need of food, help with school








Lydia -- age 11 yrs, beautiful kind-hearted girl, parents deceased, needs help with school, clothes, food







Isaac -- 12 yo, brilliant student, attending high school with high grades, needs help with school costs, food and clothes










John -- almost 1 yr old, has medical issues (CP), lives with foster auntie, parents gone, found at beach, needs help with food and medical care









Felicity -- age 6 yrs, lives with relative, needs help with school clothes, shoes and food








Nana -- age 3 yrs, parents gone, lives with relative, needs help with food, clothes








Agnes -- age 6, parents gone, needs help for clothes for school, books and food








Grace -- age 4 yrs, lives with mom and dad but dad is blind, needs help for food and clothes