Kyrgyzstan Adoption Update

From the US Dept of State re status of Kyrgyzstan adoption:

As a follow-up to our conference call on Wednesday, January 25th we have included in this email a readout of the information provided.

Authorization of Adoption Service Providers:

The Ministry of Social Development has publically announced the authorization of Christian World Adoption which we understand is able to immediately begin facilitating adoptions.  We understand that the Ministry is still reviewing the applications of several other U.S. agencies and that a total of three U.S. agencies will be authorized.

Updated Adoption procedures:

We do not have further information to provide at this time regarding updated adoption procedures.  However, we understand the Ministry of Social Development will be having a round table for agencies, government officials and other interested parties to discuss the updated adoption procedures.  The Embassy plans to participate in this round table and will continue to follow up on this matter.

We understand all previous paperwork that families may have submitted has expired and families will need to resubmit their dossiers to the Ministry of Social Development through their adoption agency.

Eligibility of Children for Intercountry Adoption:

At this time we have not received specific information from the Kyrgyz government regarding the eligibility of individual children for intercountry adoption.  However, we understand that eight children have been adopted domestically.  We continue to follow up with the Kyrgyz government to get more details on these domestic placements, as permitted under Kyrgyzstan’s law and regulations, and will reach out to individual families directly if we obtain further information.