Haiti fundraising project with Vera!


From Vera Valdivia our former Haiti Facilitator… if you would like to help, send donation, provide supplies, buy a bag — please let me know!  We’d love to help with this project!  Jackie jackies@childfound.org

Dear Jackie,

A friend of mine and I are launching a program in Haiti called “famn pou famn” (women 4 women) where we teach women to crochet these really cute market bags. The bags are then sold for $20 per bag. Each bag will have a label that shows the name of the woman who made the bag and her bio with photo.

As soon as the woman has finished a bag, she has to be paid. Right now, we are working on getting 200 bags done. $5 per finished bag = $1,000

Once the bag is sold, the rest of the profit will go toward school tuition for any children she has or to pay toward her rent.

We are launching the project and because it is using our personal resources, we have asked people for donations (crochet hooks and cotton yarn to make these bags). Some people have approached us to find out if they could donate money toward launching the project. Of course, we do not have 501(c)(3) status yet and want to make sure that the project gets off the ground before jumping through those hoops. It is really a grass roots effort at this time.  Visit http://sunfunlivingknits.blogspot.com/

Thanks for your support!