News from CHSFS re Russia Adoption

CHSFS Outreach Team Dear Families,

Before we update the Russia News Page, we want to inform you about this important change affecting Russian adoption. Children’s Home has just received confirmation that a new amendment to Russian civil law will impact all court proceedings in Russia, including international adoption cases. Previously, a ten day waiting period for appeal was imposed after the court hearing. Going forward, judges will orally declare a court decision at the end of the in-person court hearing. After five days the judge is required to issue the court decision in written form. The decision will come into effect thirty days after the written decision is issued. Only after this can the parents apply in person for the child’s passport and citizenship. This change will require that parents travel to Russia for the court hearing (generally known as Trip 2), then return home after the court hearing is complete. A third trip for at least one parent will be necessary after the court process is completed to take custody of the child and complete the visa process in Moscow. This third trip will probably occur around eight weeks after the court hearing and will last approximately one week. We are not aware of any changes to the first trip at this time. We are still gathering information about this change and working to understand the full implications. As we learn more, we will update the Russia news page.