US Dept of State announcement re Mexico & ICF


August 2, 2011

Notice: Mexican Central Authority granted national
authorization to an additional U.S. based Hague Accredited adoption service

The Mexican Central Authority recently granted national authorization to
provide adoption services in Mexico to an additional U.S. based Hague accredited
adoption service provider, International Child Foundation.  We remind U.S.
citizens wishing to adopt in Mexico that Mexican states may choose whether or
not to work with adoption service providers that have achieved national authorization.  Please see our May 19, 2011 adoption notice regarding Mexico’s process for authorizing U.S. adoption service providers for more details.  We advise prospective adoptive parents to check
with the state child welfare office known as the Desarollo Integral de la
(DIF) in the Mexican state where they plan to adopt to determine if
that state will work with a specific adoption service provider.  We will publish
additional updated guidance as we receive it.