Altynai Legacy Fund for Kyrgyzstan Adoption

Suzanne B created a fund for Kyrgyz waiting families and invites those who can to donate and those in need to apply:

I wanted to update you on the fund that I have created for the KG waiting families at and it is now set up so that donations to the general fund can begin.  It takes 4-6 weeks to process applications through Lifesong and during that time I will be actively raising money to provide interest free loans/matching grants to those families that have applied.  LIke everyone else, I believe that the upcoming months before the Kyrgyz elections are going to be pivotal and if there is ever a time to try to get the waiting kids home it is now.  I want the funds to be available to them if the best happens.  I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me spread the word.  First, I need to make sure that all of the waiting families are aware of the fund so please share the letter with those with families you know who are still waiting to complete adoptions.

Suzanne B