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Dr Boris Gindis has a resource center for evaluation and counseling in Phoenix and NY and I have an informative email from him:

We have three websites:

1. Our clinical services website is:
2. Our online school site is:
3. Our International adoption article directory site is:

Our clinical services include psychological screenings on
arrival in the native languages (Russian/Ukrainian, Chinese, and Spanish),
bilingual and English only full psychological, educational and speech/language
assessments; “second opinion” services and expert letters; therapies and
consultations, support services for hosting families and a lot more.  Recently
we initiated a cross-disciplinary project “FASD children in schools” to help
parents and school personnel work on remediation of this lifelong detrimental
condition in a significant number of former orphanage residents.

Our educational services include online courses, CDs, workshops, free initial consultations for parents in search of specific services and professionals and a large number of articles on most pressing issues of parenting and remediation of internationally adopted children.  If you wish to evaluate any of our online courses, please contact Tatyana (at 845-596-6711) about taking a class.
The BGCenter has offices in NY and Phoenix. I travel between the offices, and we are working on expanding our services in Arizona: we already have a resident psychologist with native fluency in Spanish in Phoenix and look forward to fully duplicate our NY based services in the nearest future to make Phoenix location the main office of the BGCenter. We are interested in joining a network of colleagues in
Arizona to work together in the West.

Boris Gindis, Ph.D.

Center for Cognitive-Developmental Assessment and

Tel: 845-694-8496

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